Abraham Abdulsalam is a P2 student from the small town of Sugar Grove. He is the current President-Elect and is excited to improve upon the Patient Care Initiatives. He speaks both Arabic and English fluently and enjoys the outdoors. Abraham joined SNPhA because of the members welcoming hospitality and their drive to help others out. 

Abraham Abdulsalam

President elect

Labinot Elmazi

PCI Chair Coordinator

Derek Drumsta


My name is Brandi. Im from Pittsburgh, PA and my major is Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. I love being apart of SNPhA because of the amount of diversity, you always feel like you belong and are part of a family. My dream is to conduct research at a pharmaceutical company here in the U.S. or in Japan.

Oreoluwa Lasisi

Power to End Stroke Chair

The netflix series "Dexter" is my favorite show of all time and pugs are my favorite type of dogs. #cavsin7

Susie Deeter

Public Relations

My name is Karim Maharem, a P3 student at the University of Toledo. I am originally from the Cleveland area. I currently work in CVS as an intern. I am a very family-oriented, benevolent, and optimistic person. I go out of my way for anybody who needs help. In my spare time,  I enjoy watching movies, playing soccer and volley ball. 

​Karim Maharem

Diabetes Chair

I am a Nigerian and I came into the United States to pursue a degree in pharmacy in 2014. I am currently a P1. I love to meet new people and make friends especially of different culture, race or ethnicity. I am excited to be part of SNPhA because it encourages professionalism but is still a family with everyone having a common goal and interest. I believe in the importance of giving back to the community and that I can make a positive impact in the lives of those around me and those I encounter.  

Alisha Ali

Interprofessional Collaborator

Ami Mehta

Vice President

I’m Hemaa Sree from Malaysia. I’m the Chair of Pre-Professional Affairs and a PP2 student. During my free time, I like to bake and watch movies. I joined SNPhA last year and I really enjoyed being a part of SNPhA. In SNPhA, everyone is treated like family and it is very diverse. Being on the e-board this year is definitely going to help me gain new experiences and help build my social skills.

Melanie is a P3 student from Sheffield Lake, Ohio. She enjoys playing soccer and ultimate Frisbee in her free time. Melanie has been involved with SNPhA since her freshman year and is thrilled to be a member of this year's e-board. She is most excited about SNPhA's new partnership with the Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio.

Keya Shah

​Legislative Chair

Hey! My name is Keya Shah and I am the legislative Chair for SNPhA. I am currently in my P3 year of pharmacy school. I was born in India and grew up in Toronto, Canada. That place where Drake and Beiber's from..you're welcome! JK! I love traveling and watching movies! I joined SNPhA during my freshmen year! Serving the underserved is our goal. One mission! No barriers! 

Labinot is currently a P3 in the PharmD program. He is also the current Patient Care Initiative Coordinator of SNPhA. Some of his hobbies include playing guitar, camping, and snowboarding. Labinot recently went on a 3 week cross-country trip where he hiked and camped in several national parks. ​

Melanie McCowan

Kidney Disease PCI Chair

Akshith Dass


Hello! My name is Alex Brooker and I am the Operation Immunization Chair for the 2016-2017 school year. I am from Columbus, Ohio and am currently a P3 in the PharmD program. In my free time, I really enjoy golfing, playing tennis and hanging out with friends. I have been a member of SNPhA since my PP2 year and am really looking forward to holding a leadership position within the organization for the first time!

​David Duff

Social Chair

I’m Annie! I enjoy playing basketball, watching movies, and going out with friends. I am excited to begin my P1 year and I look forward to taking on new challenges as a pharmacy student and a SNPhA member.

Brandi Knight

​Fundraising Co-Chair

Emmanuel Ayanjoke


Susie is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She enjoys traveling, volleyball and eating in her free time. This year, Susie will be a P1 student in the Doctorate of Pharmacy Program and upholding the Public Relations position in SNPhA.

​Alex Brooker

Operation Immunization Chair

Allisha Ali is the current Interprofessional Collaborator and a P3 in the PharmD program. Whenever she has free time she loves spending it with her friends and family.  She also enjoys helping others in any way possible, which is why SNPhA is such a good fit.

My name is Derek Drumsta, and I am a P1 in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program. This year, I am Treasurer for SNPhA. I have been a member of SNPhA since freshman year, and cannot wait to see what opportunities I will be given this year. 

University of Toledo 


My name is Oreoluwa and I am a P2 student from Lagos, Nigeria. I Would be serving as the Power to End Stroke chair for the 2016-2017 school year and I love watching movies,singing and reading. As a student pharmacist and and a memeber of SNPhA, i look forward to reaching out to my community in the best way possible.

I'm a member of Pharmacy Leadership Society (PLS) and Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS). I joined SNPhA to help the underserved and to make new friends. They ight. ;) 

"Hello SNPhAm!!
I am Akshith Dass, a P3 student and I will be serving as your president for 2016-2017 school year. I am so excited to build on the momentum from a successful regional meeting in Cleveland. SNPhA has given me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Outside of school I like to visit the rec center, spend time with friends and visit the metroparks."

Annie Lei

Fundraising Co-Chair

Hemaa Sree

Pre-professional liason