This new initiative will involve mini-initiatives like educating people on antibiotic adherence, resistance to antibiotics, side-effects on most common antibiotics and how to deal with hypersensitivity reactions. This provides a great learning opportunity about a very prevalent topic.

Medication Disposal

This project will be all about educating patients on how to dispose their medications in a proper manner.  This project will involve on-site demonstrations, direct interaction with patients and will be an excellent opportunity to learn something new.


Diabetes Awareness

 This project is designed to educate the community about how to reduce risk and manage Diabetes.  Students will be involved in creating poster board, handing out flyers and checking blood glucose of patients at a community pharmacy.

University of Toledo 


All About Antibiotics 

This project is a great opportunity for PPP1 and P2 students to learn/educate patients about different kinds of immunizations and P3/P4 students to administer Flu shots to the customers at a community pharmacy.

Power to End Stroke

The goal of this project is to create awareness about stroke.  Students will be involved in educating people about stroke and hypertension through verbal communication, hand-outs, poster boards and measuring blood pressure of patients

Operation Immunization